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Hand sculpted jewelry that are one-of-a-kind, unique designer jewelry pieces, with touches of vintage flair.  All pieces have vintage flower brooches/pins or buttons incorporated into the design. 

Meet the Artist

"The jewelry I design reflects peace and serenity, incorporating texture, earthy, and romantic elements, with a bit of flair thrown in, to express individuality".
My work stemmed from a lifetime of learning about gemstones from my Father, who has been an avid rock hound, his whole life.  It has been an absolute joy working with wire to showcase gemstones, crystals and beads.  The connection that happens between the shape of the gemstone and the wire amazes me every time I finish a piece of jewelry.  It seems the wire, along with my hands, a little intuition and pliers, has the ability to form many shapes, twists and turns to complement every gemstone.  There is an excitement and anticipation at the beginning of every project because I know the journey will result in a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.  I obtain my inspiration from everything that surrounds me, such as, shapes, abstract art, architecture and the beauty of nature.  I hope that when you wear my jewelry you will experience some of the joy that I have when I made your piece. I have been making jewelry since December of 2006. 

I am a self-taught artist using Preston Reuther's wire sculpture DVDs, as well as Eni Oken's tutorials on making bezels and using the very thin wire to incorporate my stones.

I hope that you get as much enjoyment and satisfaction wearing my pieces of jewelry as I did making them. - Frances (Fenya) Lediaev

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